EMDR For Performance Enhancement:  Real Client Stories

p1“The EMDR sessions for performance enhancement were an amazing experience for me!  All of my thoughts became organized and clear in a way that would not have been possible without our work. The dots were connected, and now everything seems crystal clear. Not only are the next steps for my professional development clear, but also a lot of personal issues began to dissolve. You are a terrific trainer, coach, and clinician. Thanks so much for removing the interference from so many previously confusing blocks!”

– Dr. Desai, PhD. – Los Angeles, CA

p2“This was truly life-changing for me.  As a therapist and a professional speaker, I was able to identify the specific constellation of issues at the core of most of my performance blocks. After years of other types of counseling, there was something pivotally different about EMDR that has literally changed my emotional and physical energy! I certainly plan to follow up with more EMDR work – but in the meantime, I am truly free in a way that I do not remember, ever. Tremendously exciting, not to mention liberating.”

– Dorothy W., MSW – San Francisco, CA – after a single 45-minute session

p3“I am now an even bigger believer in the power of EMDR.  I wanted you to work with me because I saw that you cut to the chase and went straight to the heart of the matter. You are thorough, practical, detailed, and on-point. As an EMDR therapist myself, I regard your skills to be the best I’ve seen – you understand and use this method superbly. Kudos for a job well done – for the first time in my life, I finally feel free to pursue my own true purpose, path, passions, and priorities.”

– Dr. Andrew H., PhD – Powell, WY

p4“I thought there was nothing I could do to achieve a break-through.  I engaged in EMDR sessions with Greg Smith and after 5 sessions I saw tremendous results. I have successfully achieved working through the mental block and performance issues of my tennis serve, and therefore would describe the EMDR experience as a positive one.”

– Christi Suchyna, Director of Sales & Marketing, Operations Associates – Greenville, SC – 5 months after the last session

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