Information For Our Referring Providers

Thank you so much for entrusting us with the emotional health of your patients.  For the last 21 years, one of our core values as a practice has always been to be able to say “yes” to anyone needing services, regardless of their reimbursement source.  In addition to private pay, we also accept and file all of the following:


        • All forms of health insurance
        • All major Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)
        • All types of Medicaid (including all of the Medicaid MCOs)
        • Worker’s Compensation, Medicare, and Champus/Tricare
        • State Office of Victim’s Assistance (SOVA) reimbursement
        • Vocational Rehabilitation (Voc Rehab) reimbursement

Brochures Now Available:  To facilitate the referral process we would be happy to provide you with brochures for your patients, which include our street address, contact information, website, driving directions, and other helpful details. To request brochures simply give us your name, mailing address, and desired quantity of brochures, and we will be happy to get them right out to you.

Referral Process for Doctors and Medical Offices:  For your convenience, we make it as easy and efficient as possible for you to refer a patient for care at our Greenville, SC counseling center.  Simply give the patient (or parent, if under 18) our contact information, and encourage them to call us for an appointment.  Once the patient or parent contacts our office, one of our therapists will follow up with them personally within 24 business hours. New clients are assured of being seen promptly, usually within 72 hours if requested.

Referral Process for Hospitals and Inpatient Facilities:  We understand that continuity of care is vitally important, and we are happy to work with your discharge coordinators to schedule the appropriate outpatient follow up care for your patients. Please contact Jaime Picardy, our Client Service Manager, and she will be happy to connect you with the appropriate therapist that will be best suited to meet your patient’s needs.

Referrals from State Agencies, Attorneys, and Guardian Ad Litems:  All of our therapists have vast experience partnering with caseworkers and legal advocates in providing exceptional care to clients of all ages who have been the victim of abuse, neglect, dysfunctional parenting, violent crimes, or traumatic work injuries, as well as those who have been recommended or mandated to treatment by the Magistrate’s Court, the Family Court, DSS, DJJ, DVR, and a variety of other state agencies and social service organizations.

For Patients Needing Medication Management Concurrent With Their Psychotherapy:  We have an MD on staff who specializes in child and adult ADD and ADHD. For other medication needs that are clinically indicated, the therapist will assist the patient in coordinating care with an appropriate resource, based on the patient’s therapeutic needs and their reimbursement source.

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