If Men Are From Mars, And Women Are From Venus…

OMCS-Couple…where on earth can we turn for help?

Men and women are different,
and those differences are what often create conflict, pain, and frustration in many relationships.

But believe it or not, there really are practical ways to improve communication, increase passion and intimacy, and make your marriage everything you always hoped it would be.

If you’re ready to bring your worlds together, we’re here to help.

Revolutionize Your Relationship

Men and women often want many of the same things in a relationship – but they also have very different ways of communicating and pursuing those needs.

Greg&JohnThis often leads to anger, hurt, and a growing sense of disconnection from each other.

Our Director, Gregory S. Smith, LISW-CPS is the only licensed Mars & Venus Therapist anywhere in South Carolina, and has been personally trained by Dr. John Gray, relationship expert and internationally renowned author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

Over the last 30-plus years our Greenville, SC counseling practice has helped hundreds of couples create the lasting and fulfilling marriages they’ve always dreamed of. By integrating the Mars & Venus perspective with proven communication strategies, our unique approach really can help you revolutionize your relationship.

(Photo: Greg Smith and John Gray)

Why Self Help Is Often Not Enough

Books and other “self-help” tools can be useful in helping men and women recognize their differences and understand each other better, but many people find that insight alone is just not enough to help them turn things around.

Our well-trained and highly-experienced team of relationship experts can help you translate insight into action, and action into results – helping you communicate more effectively, resolve disagreements easily, and heighten the passion and intimacy for a more meaningful, fulfilling, and satisfying marriage.

A Faster, More Effective Approach

When couples confront problems on their own, they often do what we call “shooting at symptoms” – thinking that the problem is “we’re not having sex” or “we’re always arguing about money.” Most often, these are just symptoms of deeper issues, so focusing on the symptoms doesn’t make a significant difference.

We can help you avoid that frustration by identifying what the real core issues are, and helping you make the foundational types of changes required to really turn things around quickly and permanently.

Benefit From Our Perspective

You’ll be working with one of our expert therapists who will act as a “relationship coach,” drawing attention to patterns and problems you can’t see. He or she will help you:

  • couple-cityMove beyond old hurts and resentments
  • Make constructive changes, instead of placing blame
  • Create a clear and compelling new vision for the relationship
  • Cultivate an atmosphere of caring and trust
  • Develop a deeper understanding and respect for each other
  • Communicate more clearly and effectivelycouple-2
  • Resolve differences quickly and easily
  • Express upset feelings positively and constructively
  • Meet each others’ needs more naturally and spontaneously
  • Start making each other really feel incredibly loved, valued, and appreciated

I Want This To Work, But I’m Afraid.  What If It’s Too Late?

Unfortunately, marriage counseling is often pursued only as a last resort – one “last ditch effort” before calling an attorney. The reality is, the sooner you get help to stop the progression of problems in your relationship, the easier it will be for you to turn things around.

That being said: Even if you think you’ve waited too long, you may be surprised at the difference that expert help can make. We understand what it feels like when you can’t imagine things getting any better…when you and your partner have done so much damage to each other that you can’t believe there are any pieces left to put back together. Especially when there’s been infidelity or other major betrayals, it often seems futile to try repair the wreckage.

But over the course of 30-plus years specializing in affairs, trust violations and other “worst case scenarios,” we’ve helped hundreds of couples rebuild – and transform – marriages that seemed completely hopeless, and were all but destroyed. More than anything else, the one thing we want you to know is that it really is possible to heal from any amount of damage in a relationship – and even make your marriage better, stronger, and happier than it ever was before.

Not only do we know that’s possible, but we also know the specific steps to take to make that a reality.

What If My Partner Won’t Come With Me?

When one partner makes the first move, the other often follows suit. But even if they don’t, we’ve found that even one partner who is committed to improving their marriage can have a dramatic impact on the quality of that relationship. When you change your approach to your partner, your partner can’t help but change their response to you.

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